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Starkville, Mississippi

Starkville (population 27,000) sits in northeastern Mississippi and is home to Mississippi State University (25,000 students). MSU is Starkville's lifeblood, giving the town a youthful, academic vibe.

The Starkville-MSU symphony orchestra has a robust schedule, and the University's Lyceum Series presents nationally recognized musicians and dancers. The Magnolia Film Festival, the Old Main Music Festival, the Bulldog Bash, and the Cotton District Arts Festival all draw lively crowds. Locals also enjoy MSU championship football, basketball and baseball games.

Many homes are brick and sit on a large lot. The Cotton District neighborhood sports New Urbanism architecture, as well as shops and eateries.

Oktibbeha County Lake is open for fishing, boating, camping, hiking and swimming. The area is beautiful in the spring when the wisteria blooms.

Cost of Living

Starkville has an overall cost of living 30% less than the national average.

The median household income is $35,048.

Real Estate

The median home price is $198,000. This is a 4% increase over the previous year. For comparison, the national median home price is currently $363,000 (Realtor.com).

Estimates are that Starkville housing prices will increase by 1% over the next year.

The median rental price is $695 per month.



Starkville has grown by 6% during the last decade.

The median age is 27. The national median is 38.

The crime rate meets the national average.

The poverty rate is above the national average, but much of this is attributed to the number of students.

OCH Regional Medical Center is the local hospital.


The combined sales tax rate for Starkville is 7%.

Mississippi does not tax any retiremenet income.

A homestead exemption of $300 is available to everyone. For people age 65 or better, the first $7,500 of a home's value is exempt from property taxes.

The average effective property tax rate (the annual tax payment as a percentage of median home value) in Starkville is .89%. The annual taxes on a $198,000 home are approximately $1,762, without a homestead exemption

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